Logo Selection

Every logo is reviewed by the site art director. We evaluate the design quality, the technical execution and originality. Copycats stand no chance.

Exclusivity & Copyright

Every logo is a unique, once-off creation and will be sold only once. The logo is automatically marked as “sold” on the site once it is purchased and the link to the order page is disabled. When you buy a logo it will never be for sale again, unless you sell it.

Per our User Agreement the copyright automatically transfers from the designer to the buyer who has the option to register the logo as a trademark. We also generate a transfer of copyright confirmation which you can save or print for your records.

Use your logo for anything, anywhere, forever. At no point will you need anyone’s permission and you will never be required to pay us or the designer additional fees relating to your use of your logo.

File Formats

If you opt to download the logo immediately you will receive the logo in JPG, PNG and Adobe Illustrator EPS format. The EPS file is editable. If you have Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw installed on your system you will be able to edit the logo yourself – or give it to any designer/printer who will be able to take care of the editing for you.

If you opt to have changes made to the logo then you are welcome to request the final version of the logo in additional formats. There is an extra charge for extra formats. Simply mention this when processing your order.

Changes to Your Logo

Changes to the colors, text and font are all included in the price of the logo. When you order you can specify what changes you would like to see. The designer will submit a preview for your approval and will work with you to fine-tune your logo until you are 100% happy with it. The only limit here is a time limit of 7 days.

Please note that changes to the image itself are not included. For example, if you find a cool logo of a Elephant but you really wanted a logo of a Rhino, the designer would be within their rights to charge extra for the customization. For more inquiries please contact us with the logo order number (or URL) and a brief description of the change(s).

Logo Status

LiveThis logo is listed for sale on Designers Joint.
PendingThe logo was recently uploaded and has not yet been approved for publication on Designers Joint.
DeclinedThe logo was not approved for publication on Designers Joint. (If it’s one of yours, you are welcome to make improvements and resubmit.)
SoldThe logo was sold. (If it’s one of yours, congrats!)
SuspendedThere’s a problem of some sort. It might be a technical hiccup or it might be that we received a complaint. We’re investigating. This logo will soon be either reinstated or deleted.
HiddenAt the request of a buyer, a logo can be “hidden”. It can only be viewed by Designers Joint staff, the seller and the buyer.


Anyone can create an account at Designers Joint and start selling logos. The logos are screened though. When a logo is uploaded its status is set to “pending” (not available for sale and not displayed on the site). Our art director goes through the pending logos about once a day and approves each one individually. If our art director is not convinced that it’s a brilliant, original logo it will not be approved for publication on Designers Joint.

See It Buy It

Custom logos are great, but the main drawback is that you have to pay money without a guarantee of getting the logo that you want. With pre-designed logos you see the logo before you pay. Only buy it if you like it. And if you need changes to the text or colors, that’s included in the price.

From $40 for an Exclusive Logo

Designers Joint prices start at only $40. Every logo on Designers Joint is a unique, “once-off” design and each logo will be sold only once. If you see one you like, buy it quickly!

Designers can offer pre-designed logos this cheaply because, for the most part, these logos would end up in the recycle bin! During the custom logo design process designers usually create three or more unique concept designs for the client to choose from. The client selects the winner and the remaining concept logos are left. Designers Joint gives designers a place to put those logos up for sale and earn money for work they already did.

Featured Logos

When Designers Joint spots a logo that’s exceptionally good, has the option to feature it as a favorite on the home page. For the record, we select these favorites without checking to see who the designer is.