Payments & Commissions 2

When your design asset or logo sells, you keep 80% of the money. You don’t have to work your way up to 80%. You keep the full 80% of your earnings from day one. Note that, when we send you the money, PayPal will charge you their normal processing fee, the same as they normally do when you receive money in your account. That is usually between 2% and 5% (3.5% in most countries).


For now all designers are paid monthly and via PayPal only.

While a design asset or a logo is in the revisions process after the order, the money from that sale will show in your account, but the money cannot be released to you before the logo is finalized. Only when the final logo has been delivered to a client will the money from that sale be counted towards your next payment.

Payments are sent monthly, usually between the 20th and the 24th of each month.

There are a few conditions:

1. We only send payments for finalized projects. If you haven’t delivered the final graphic design asset or logo files to your client yet, then that has to happen first, before we can pay you.

2. You must have reached the payment threshold of $20 to receive payments.

3. We do a fraud risk assessment for every transaction. If we detect a significant risk of fraud we reserve the right to delay your payment.

Fraud risk

With every online transaction there is some level of risk. We do our best to manage the risk in order to protect Designers Joint, our designers and our clients. If your payment has been delayed because of a high fraud risk, a site admin will post a comment to your accounting section indicating that the payment has been delayed. Unless indicated otherwise in that message, there is nothing that you have to do. We will re-assess the transaction the following month. We recommend that you continue using Designers Joint as normal and that you continue to upload your design assets and logos to Designers Joint in the meantime. We appreciate your patience while our admin staff do their best to resolve the issues so that we can get the payment to you as soon as possible.