Logos that also appear somewhere else on the Internet

That’s cool, we get it, but there is something we need you to do before you upload those same logos to Designers Joint.

We understand that you may have a Behance or Dribbble portfolio or perhaps you have a YouTube channel that shows off your logos. All good. Even if you sell them somewhere else too, that’s fine as long as you remove them from Designers Joint if they sell elsewhere, and vice versa!

But there is a potential problem. We don’t know that you’re the same person, so when we review your logos to decide if we should approve them for publication on Designers Joint, we may think you’re a logo thief if we find those same logos on other sites! Before you start uploading those logos to Designers Joint, contact us and give us a link to each of your profile pages on the other sites where your logos appear. A Designers Joint admin will then add a note to your Designers Joint account so that we know you’re the same person. Don’t start uploading until you get a reply from an admin telling you it’s OK to proceed.

Note that logos that are or were offered as templates elsewhere (logos that are sold more than once) may not be offered for sale on Designers Joint, ever, under any circumstances. Even if you told us about your stock portfolio and even if the logo was never sold as a template. If it was once offered as a template it may not be uploaded to Designers Joint.

Thanks for understanding 🙂