15 Basic Premiere Pro Tips For Beginners

Premiere Pro CC 2020 2021 Basic Tips For Beginners 1

Premiere Pro CC 2020/2021 Tutorial For Beginners: This tutorial shows you 15 basic video editing tips in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2020/2021. As a beginner this is all you need to know to start editing videos in Premiere Pro.


00:00 Intro
00:18 Creating a New Project
01:38 Importing Files (Audios/Video Clips)
03:40 Creating a New Sequence to Start Editing
05:10 Adding Clips on the Timeline
07:08 Red, Yellow and Green colors on the Timeline
08:09 Commonly Used Premiere Pro Tools
09:16 Separating Audio From video
10:34 Speed Up and Slow Down Clips
13:10 Reversing Clips
15:16 Effects and Transitions
16:31 Zoom in to a Certain area on a Clip
18:34 Adding Text to Videos
22:29 Color Correction
25:24 Fade Music In and Out
27:15 Exporting Video After Editing
29:18 Demo Edit

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