How to Create a Magazine Layout Design in Adobe InDesign CC 2021

magazine layout indesign tutorial 2

This guide will take you through the steps on how to setup a modern magazine layout design in Adobe InDesign from scratch. You will learn how to add bleed guides, create columns, designing the magazine cover page, creating table of contents, adding page numbers, image formatting, adding content, and more.

Before we proceed, just incase you may want to downland the complete magazine template, use the link below. It’s a well formatted 20 page InDesign magazine template that will be of great importance to you as you go through the tutorial.


That being said, here is the best part. We took time to create a step by step video tutorial on how to create a magazine layout in Adobe InDesign CC 2021. All you have to do is to follow this video tutorial keenly paying close attention to different stages as you practically create your own version on your PC.

Video Tutorial

Steps Covered/Timestamps

  1. Cover page design
  2. 00:54 Magazine preview
  3. 00:57 New document setup
  4. 02:42 Adding page numbers
  5. 10:28 Front inside cover page Ad
  6. 16:50 Table of contents
  7. 30:17 Working on Page 4 – 5
  8. 44:27 Working on Page 6
  9. 57:55 Working on Page 7
  10. 1:05:54 Working on Page 8 – 9
  11. 1:15:56 Working on Page 10 – 11
  12. 1:36:08 Working on Page 12 – 13
  13. 1:47:01 Working on Page 14 – 15
  14. 1:58:41 Working on Page 16 – 17
  15. 2:18:31 Working on Page 18
  16. 2:23:40 Back inside cover page Ad
  17. 2:28:27 Back cover Ad
  18. 2:32:32 Packaging for print
  19. 2:35:14 Exporting for print

Magazine Cover Design in Adobe InDesign CC

Below video tutorial will guide you on how to create or design a magazine cover in Adobe InDesign CC.

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